Devils Angels

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Well it’s Friday nite
Samantha calls with the invite
Joanna’s babies are down
And Kitty’s husband’s out of town

Throw on our rock-n-roll t-shirts
Such a pretty gang of flirts
Playin’ it bold, bratty & brash
Who says we got no class?

Sippin’ our sparkling wine
And singin’ Sweet Caroline
Dancin’ circles ‘round the guys
Hint of Hellfire in our eyes
Call us sugar, call us spice
Call us anything but nice
It’s the Devil’s angels’ night
Devil’s angels’ night

We spin right up to the bar
Kitty strums the air guitar
Barkeep smiles and starts to tease
We shout, “four Tequilas, please”
Shoot it right down the hatch
Boys, it seems you’ve met your match
Got the nighttime on our side
Devil’s angels, be our guide