Dream You Again

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So I did it, I pulled it out
What I tried to forget, tried to live without
I see your face in pages, touch your memory
It’s been two years exactly since you set me free

Pre chorus
Staring at these pictures I see it in your smile
No matter how I tried you were never there at all

Why don’t you miss me, why don’t you agree?
Why don’t we stay together, why don’t you call me
I wish I could erase you; I’d die to breathe you
Why did I believe you, I think I’ll forget you

Post chorus
Stuck between the pages, photographs of then
I don’t want to remember, but then I dream you again

Think I pushed it out, discarding what you were
Tried to make sense of it, didn’t see the truth
Is life that much better now, are nights cold like mine?
Do you ever think of me, in the corner of your mind?

Pre chorus
Post chorus