Keys and Kisses

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Nothing more to say, that you need to walk away
Find someplace safe, say you need to escape
I’m left here spinning, I’m back at the beginning
Moving on my own, living all alone

I blew prayers in your coffee, folded dreams in your laundry
Captured wishes on your lashes, but my heart is here in ashes
Threw sadness in the garbage, washed our future from my dishes
Packed your lies up in boxes, left your keys with your kisses

Should have called it then, you were a perfect 10
Wanted to believe, you wore it on your sleeve
Found out a little late, you never gave it straight
You are such a sham, im leaving with a slam



Pet the dog, took my pictures
Sprayed your pillow with my perfume
Left your mail kept your t-shirt
grabbed my coat and I remembered