Out of My Way

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What is the point?
Dragging it out to be
Everything you had
Nothing you want to keep

I’m not afraid
I don’t think of you
This new home I’ve made
Is complete without you

Your (My) friends call
Ask if I’m alright
I’m fine just fine, in fact I’m

I only feel relief
I forgot your face
And please don’t remind me
I loved you anyway
Despite your careless praise
You don’t know yourself
Please step out of my way

I’m sure you’re happy
On to new escapes
Enjoy your new retreat
You’ll soon recall your fate

You kissed me in the rain
Loved me when I moved
Danced me through your pain
Which all remains the same

She will feel brand new
You’ll think you got it made
You’ll think that you’re in love but you’re just getting laid