Your Dreams

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Sitting on your mamas porch when I drop the news
Our love has run its course and I think were through
After 3 long years together
2 of them weren’t bad
but now we just go through the motions and I cant live like that

I don’t want to settle down
Buy a house in your hometown
Spend my life wondering what might have been
It might be a big mistake
It’s a chance I’ve got to take
Don’t want to waste more time
There your dreams no mine

Walking out of the driveway at a slow pace
I turn around and see those tears rolling down your face
At first I thought of running for a second I thought id stay
But then I realized this is the best for you and me

If I stay things wouldn’t be fine

Your life’s puzzle is almost complete
You can find someone that fits you better than me

Someday you will shine